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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sunni-Shia Convergence in Indonesia and Austria: Problems and Prospects (Sertifikat Hak Cipta/HKI)

By: Asfa Widiyanto

The Islamic history witnessed the tension and divide between Sunnism and Shiism, nevertheless the efforts of ecumenism and rapprochement between these two major denominations of Islam have been also undertaken. The comparative account on Sunni-Shia ecumenism which takes place in Indonesia and Austria is still underdeveloped. Such a picture is however of importance in unravelling the ways in which Sunni-Shia ecumenism shapes the nature of “Indonesian Islam” and “European Islam” and the other way around.
This book investigates the models for Sunni-Shia ecumenism in Southeast Asia and Western Europe by taking a closer look to the experience of Indonesia and Austria in the reconciling between Sunnism and Shiism.  The tensions between Sunnites and Shiites are to some extent rooted in the misunderstandings between these two main sects of Islam. The politics of recognition of faith community also contributes to mould the current state of Sunni-Shia ecumenism in both Indonesia and Austria. The prospects for Sunni-Shia ecumenism lie accordingly in the hands of authoritative personages and organisations, and in the ability of various elements in the society to enter into a dialogue so as to eradicate misunderstandings and prejudices between Sunnites and Shiites.



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